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Titel: Shared folder sync problemen na migratie
Bericht door: DeNnZ op 19 februari 2018, 18:57:46
Hallo allen,

Ik heb inmiddels heel mn verhaal al in het Engels uitgetypt dus zal ik deze hier ook plaatsen.
Mocht iemand er moeite mee hebben dan zal ik uiteraard ook een Nederlandstalige versie maken.

Hi guys!

Yesterday evening disaster struck.
After a day of off and on emails stating that our DS415+'s connection was lost, we had orange drive LED's and a flashing blue power light.... Not good..
Turns out the motherboard has given up on me (rest in peace).

So, now I got myself a DS918+ and swapped the HDD's from the old to the new. The whole migration went very smooth and everything is running as it shoud... Except 1 thing.

On the old system, I had 3 disks installed that were  'shared folder synced' to another location via 'sync on modification'.

Now that I have set up the new system, the rsync will not work anymore. First the new system stated that there was already a connection between the shared folders and another NAS, so, according to what Ive found online, I have 'unlinked' the folders in the connection list on the destination NAS.

So after I did this, I was able to reconnect the rsync.
But what happens now is that the 'old' disk 1, disk 2 and disk 3 are renamed to Disk 1_1, disk 2_1 and disk 3_1 and the rsync made NEW folders (resp. Disk 1, 2 and 3) and is doing a complete new sync instead of just syncing the changes that have been done.

Anybody know how I can fix this issue?

Mocht er iemand weten hoe ik dit kan oplossen, dan hoor ik dit natuurlijk graag!
Titel: Re: Shared folder sync problemen na migratie
Bericht door: DeNnZ op 19 februari 2018, 20:51:10
Middels een reactie op Facebook is het inmiddels gelukt!
Mocht iemand anders ooit met dezelfde problemen zitten, dan is dit de oplossing:

You should be able to recreate original task and not require full resync by doing this:
1. Rename folders from "disk x" to "disk x_old" on source and destination
2. Unlink old task
3. Create new shared folder called "disk x" on source
4. On Source create Shared Folder Sync task to sync "disk x" and perform sync right after.
(na deze stap heb ik op de source de sync tasks verwijderd)
5. Source and Destination - Remove folder "disk x"
6. Source and Destination - Rename "disk x_old" back to "disk x"
7. Recreate task and sync "disk x" and should only sync modified files.
Titel: Re: Shared folder sync problemen na migratie
Bericht door: Birdy op 19 februari 2018, 21:01:56
 :thumbup: Bedankt voor het melden.