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New Features

1. New DSM 2.1 Interface: The new Synology Disk Station Manager 2.1 introduces to you Windows-style login desktop. Only authorized applications are displayed after login. The newly added Quick Search Box allows "search while you type" for faster access to a setup page.
2. Enhanced Storage Management: RAID 5+Spare & JBOD volume type are supported. RAID 5+Spare volume further secures data safety and availability (supported on CS407, CS407e, DS408, DS508, RS407, RS408 and RS408-RP only); JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) provides an alternative for users to concatenate multiple hard drives as a single volume without wasting any storage capacity.
3. You've Got Mail! Just 1-step installation of the stand-alone Mail Station package, your Synology NAS Server becomes a mail server that supports Outlook-style Web mail, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. (supported on DS107+, DS207+, DS209+, CS407, DS408, RS407, RS408, RS408-RP, and DS508 only)
4. AJAX-based File Station 2: File Station 2 has a brand new interface that utilizes AJAX technology and brings you the familiar Windows experience with drag-n-drop and right-click actions. In addition, File Station 2 further introduces features including multiple files selection and upload(1) (up to 100 files), multiple files download, remote compressed files extraction and files/folders direct download URL.
5. AJAX-based Surveillance Station 2: The Surveillance Station 2 newly supports 59 IP cameras of renowned brands, including AXIS, ACTi, Vivotek, and SparkLAN. Audio streaming(2) is supported in live view, recording and playback (MPEG4 only). The auto-discovery feature helps you search the IP cameras within LAN to simplify IP camera setup.
6. Sub-folder Privileges Setting: With the elegant Linux-style privileges, authorized users are free to modify privileges of folders, sub-folders, and files with the help of File Station 2.
7. Enhanced User Management: "User Home" feature automatically creates a home folder and personal website address for each user; this greatly minimizes admin's effort to assign shared folder for each user. The application privilege setting allows the admin to flexibly determine applications (FTP services, File Station, Audio Station, Download Station and Surveillance Station) each user can access. In addition, the admin is now able to set up share folders privileges for each user.
8. Enhanced Audio Station: Upon proper applications privileges setting, non-admin users will be able to login Audio Station and enjoy the music in web streaming mode. Advanced privilege settings are available in Audio Station including allowing non-admin users to use USB mode and manage the playlists.
9. Enhanced Photo Station 3: The search function helps visitors find the photo/album more easily. Furthermore, other than the photo files, now you can choose to back up photo database via Local or Network Backup, including photo's extended information: titles, descriptions, and comments from visitors.
10. Enhanced Backup: The new backup wizard integrates Network Backup or Local Backup to simplify backup process. Other than Local Backup, Local Restore is now available; In addition, block level backup is supported in Network Backup. MySQL database backup is also supported now.
11. Enhanced eMule Download: The eMule download engine is upgraded to support files larger than 4GB.
12. Case-Sensitive File System: Case-sensitive file system is automatically supported after firmware upgrade to provide better Linux and Mac compatibility.
13. Network UPS: Now you can use a single UPS to protect multiple Synology NAS Servers within the LAN from power failure.
14. Dual-Printer Support: Synology NAS Servers now support up to 2 USB printers at the same time.
15. Linux Version Assistant: A Linux version Synology Assistant is now available to help you easily search Synology NAS Servers within the LAN environment.
16. 4 New Languages Support: Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (European), Turkish, and Hungarian management interfaces are now supported. It also takes effect on Synology Assistant, Synology Data Replicator 3, and Synology Download Redirector.

Staat erop, nog geen problemen gehad.
MailStation als packages geïnstalleerd maar weet iemand misschien hoe ik de mailserver kom?


--- Citaat van: "jacq" ---Staat erop, nog geen problemen gehad.
Weet iemand misschien hoe ik de mailserver kom?
--- Einde van citaat ---
Mailstation moet je als apart pakketje installeren. Staat in de ftp link wanneer je je hebt aangemeld voor beta programma

Gevonden. kom erin met   http://mijn ip/mail/
Op deze site staat een volledige beschrijving:

is er iemand die deze BETA op een DS106j heeft geprobeert.
De meelmogelijkheid wacht ik al een tijdje op en om er nu een niuwe NAS voor aan te schaffen vindt ik ook weer zo iets...


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