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Cloud Sync working together with Synology Photo
« Gepost op: 03 april 2021, 11:31:06 »

I've my laptop HDD nice and tidy. Folders with documents and folders with photo's. These photo's i gradually update with Adobe Lightroom to add tags etc. If I change these photo's i'd like them to sync them with my NAS. Synology Drive will work fine.

However, I'd also like to use the new Synology Photo software. But i dont like to loose my file structure or sync possibility. Is it possible to add an already synced folder on the NAS to Synology Photo. In that way I would have the best of two worlds.

I would have a backup of my files in case my desktop HDD crashes and I can restore the folder structure of the photos and i would have all these synced photo's accessible in Synology Photo.

I hope somebody understands my request and can help me in the right direction.
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