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Firmware 590 changelog
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Change log (t.o.v. 518/524)

Supported models: RS407, RS-406, CS407, CS407e, CS-406, CS-406e, DS207+, DS207, DS107+, DS107, DS107e, DS-106, DS-106e, DS-106j, DS-101j

AJAX Management UI: The Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 has a brand new management interface that utilizes AJAX technology, which brings you the familiar Windows experience.

New improvements include:
- Six wizards on Home page to help you finish tasks quickly.
- My Favorites zone to let you drag up to 10 of the most frequently used functions to the Home page.
- Organized application links on the top right corner to allow you to switch between File Station, Audio Station, and Surveillance Station without logging out first.
- The new searching mechanism to let you quickly filter Users, Groups, and Shared Folders for further setup.
- Surveillance Station: Turn your Synology Disk Stations into a network video recorder (NVR) by connecting IP cameras to the network, and recording videos to the
- Synology Disk Stations. On Surveillance Station, you can watch the camera monitoring area on a real-time basis, and set up cameras recording details, including schedule, recording frame rate, motion-detection area, and resolution. Also you will be able to view and manage the recorded video clips. Synology Surveillance Station support 1 IP camera by default, and more cameras support is available by using Synology Camera License (contact your reseller for details). Check out the number of supported IP camera on your Synology Disk Stations here. See the compatible IP camera list here. (Due to hardware limitation, this feature is not supported on DS-101j)
- (5012) (5230) (5356) Add 3 languages support: Dutch, Japanese and Russian management interfaces are now supported. This localization will also take effect on Synology Assistant, Synology Data Replicator 3, and Synology Download Redirector.
(- 3724) Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 Support: Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 are now supported as digital media adapter devices. You can browse and stream multimedia contents stored on the Synology Disk Stations to your stereo system and TV set using Sony PS3 or Microsoft Xbox 360.
- (4380) Photo Station 3: Photo Station 3 has a brand new blogging system, with which you are free to change the layout or replace the banner picture, all with the brand new AJAX management interface.
- (3627) (3514) Bonjour Support: Mac users can search and find your Synology Disk Stations with Safari browser, as well as enjoy music with Apple Front Row.
- (4252) Expandable RAID 5 Volume: Now you can add a new hard drive to expand the RAID 5 volume on the fly. No more volume deletion and recreation are needed.
- (3184) MySQL Update: MySQL is now upgraded to 5.0.51.
- (4260) Ez-Internet Enhancement: More DDNS service providers are supported:,, and You can map the Synology Disk Stations to a registered DDNS hostname and get ready with Internet access.
- (3525) Secure SMTP Support: In the email notification settings, you are now able to enter a customized port number and select SSL connection.
Fast Switch Display Language: You can switch the display language quickly from the management interface without changing the browser settings.
- (4267) FTP with SSL/TLS for all models: FTP with SSL/TLS is now supported on all models.
- (4270) HTTPS for all models: HTTPS is now supported on all models.
- (4271) Encrypted Network Backup for all models: Encrypted Network Backup is supported on all models.
- New Audio Station: Audio Station is coming with a brand new sleek look.

Special Notes
Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 supports:
- OS: Windows 2000 onward and Mac OS X 10.3 onward.
- Browsers: Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, and Safari 3 on Mac OS X.

Major Changes of Synology Data Replicator 3
- (572) (685) (715) Multilingual Support: 5 more languages are supported: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and Russian.
- (548) Backup Target limitation is removed: In addition to Synology products, now you can choose any other accessible location to be the backup target, including USB drive, USB flash drive, or any storage device with a valid IP.
- (664) E-Mail Synchronization Backup: Now you are free to synchronize e-mails periodically, despite the size of files. You can set the interval of each e-mail synchronization backup task to 1, 2, 3 hours, etc.
- (654) Auto-resume Synchronization Backup: Synchronization task will be automatically resumed when factors that cause abnormal suspension are resolved, including network disconnection or PC going into hibernation mode.
- (564) Locked-Files Backup: No need to close opened files before each backup. Even opened files that are being read or written can still be backed up.
- (579) (649) E-Mail Notification: You are free to choose if you want to receive an e-mail notification after each schedule or immediate backup task completes.
- (553) Modified Version Function: Version function is disabled by default; it can be enabled and assigned a version number in the setting page.
- (585) Modified Restore Point Function: Restore Point number is set to be 1 by default; it can be changed in the setting page.

Limitation & Known Issues
- On Mac OS, upgrade firmware from version prior to Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0-0547 with Safari 3 may not succeed. In this case, users are suggested to upgrade firmware with Safari 2.
- Restore Points made by Synology Data Replicator II are only available in Synology Data Replicator 3 after executing Backup at least once.
- Refer to "Limitation & Known Issues for all versions" for other limitations.


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